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Short Comedies for Seniors

This collection contains a variety of short plays for senior citizens. Funny and touching at the same time, these plays illustrate the drama that touches our everyday lives. A short synopsis of each play follows.

By Ludmilla Bollow

About the Plays:

FATLESS FUTURE - A Comedy in Five Minutes 

Hannah and Hank look back on the days before French fries were outlawed.

HANNAH (In her 70's, but doesn't look it.)
HANK (In his 70's, but doesn't look it.)

SETTING: Two chairs, maybe a small table.
TIME: 2050

CITY SIDEWALKS - A ten minute one woman monologue
 A homeless woman on Christmas Eve, when miracles can take place, even on the streets. Music can be added.
Homeless woman, street clothes
SETTING: Bare Stage
TIME: Christmas Eve


MOUSSAKA MEETING - A ten minute play
Two sisters meet yearly at a Greek restaurant to celebrate their mother's birthday and remember the past. Today is different.

Two sisters - older
Waiter - Can be either sex

SETTING: Simple restaurant setting - table, two chairs
TIME: Today

STANLEY & STELLA - A ten minute comedy

A fish fry at the corner tavern, plus memories of "Street Car" and fireworks help celebrate this couple's 25th wedding anniversary. Polka music too 


STANLEY - Middle-aged, on heavy side.

STELLA - Middle-aged, on the flashy side.

WAITER - Male, officious

SETTING: Begins in hallway of home, then to table at tavern/restaurant

TIME: Today


SUNSET ZOO -A Ten Minute Comedy/Drama

It's night time in the day room of an old folks home and the inmates meet, 

bringing their imaginary animals, and plan their escape. Selected for production as winner in Brunbury Play contest, Louisville, KY.

CHARACTERS (All over eighty)




WINIFRED (Still traces of glamour and show biz)

SETTING: Day room of an Old Age Home

TIME: Night Time.
Short Shorts for Seniors 
by Ludmilla Bollow
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