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Attack at the Pierre-Fontaine: A One-Act Senior Comedy

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Attack at the Pierre-Fontaine
by Jan Quackenbush

About the Play: A group of long-tme friends and residents of the Pierre Fontaine Hotel are alarmed by the increasing dangers in the outside world. Together, they try to plan a defense strategy which will protect them all.

Time: The present

Cast List: 

Iris, 60-70

Allison, 60-70

Dierdre, 60-70

Tony, 70-75

Liz, 40-45, Iris’ daughter.

Soldier, 20-25.

Place: Iris’s apartment, Pierre Fontaine Apartments, New York City.

Approximate Running Time: 40-45 minutes 

From the Play:

Iris’ apartment. Door buzzer. Iris enters from bedroom, carrying a strip of bubble wrap and scissors. She crosses to door, looks though peep hole, unlocks many locks, and opens door... 

IRIS: Dierdre!

DIERDRE: Am I early?

IRIS: Not at all, come in.

DIERDRE: (Entering) I’m early, you’re being nice, but Iris before anyone comes I want to confide to you: I’m not in favor of this plan. I’d really have to be persuaded that the entire world is sick, sick, sick, not just the terrorists. And I don’t believe it...(Beat)...What are you doing holding scissors?

IRIS: I was cutting fabric.

DIERDRE: Oh. Do you know they confiscated my nail scissors at La Guardia?

IRIS: Yes, you told me, or you told Allison and she told me.

DIERDRE: No, I told Allison and she told Tony and Tony told you, that’s what Tony told me.

IRIS: Oh. That sounds right, Tony’s quite the “networker.”

DIERDRE: No, he’s quite the leader, ”in charge”...up here?...(pointing to her head).

IRIS: “Captain” Tony...he’s still in the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

DIERDRE: He told me he’s in favor of your plan, that you want us to “assemble” together if...we’re attacked! 

IRIS: As a matter of fact, Dierdre, Tony has an idea about how we can all survive, that...

DIERDRE: Of course, of course...but, look at me, I’m all nerves, I don’t belong in groups. I don’t even attend our Co-Op meetings! But since this plan is YOURS, Iris, one my dearest FRIENDS! -- I’m here. (checking her watch) : I’m crowding it in. But LOOK! a fast meeting, right? Here, I brought a hat, I put ballots in it so we can vote and get out early. Where should I put it?
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