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Shakespeare and Other Classics

Macbeth for Kids   

Midsummer Nights Dream

The Tempest

Reverse Hamlet   (a  Hamlet Comedy)

Romeo and Juliet (a 45-minute 
distillation for teens and classroom)

Romeo &Juliet For Youth (for young audiences and teen drama groups)

Poems, Plays, and Pratfalls: An Introduction to Shakespeare (a 2 or 4 actor version; 45 minutes)  

Shakespeare-On-The-Go (4 45-minute Shakespeare plays for kids)

Enemy of the People (Ibsen adaptation)

Enemy of the People (script)  

Chimes, The (Dickens)  

Concise Christmas Carol The (Dickens, 50-minute version)

EveryKid (Everyman)

Oliver Twist (Dickens)

Eveline (Joyce: Dubliners) 

Boarding House, The (Joyce: Dubliners)

Dead, The (Joyce:Dubliners)  

An Evening with Joyce's Women (Dubliners)

Canterbury Tales (Chaucer)

The Hypochondriac  (Adaptation of Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid)

Fairy Tales and Fables


Moral of the Story  

Lovely Red Flower, The

Prince Hedgehog

Snow White

Sleeping Beauty

Selfish Giant, The

Snow Queen, The

Charming Princes and Wicked Queens

Plays: Full-Length

A Colonial Christmas

Best Always, Marilyn Monroe 

Brendan's Journey 

Enemy of the People

Hymn to the Chesapeake

She''ll Find her Way Home (1800's)

There's a Stone in my Sister's Old Shoe Ouch!

Unmasking of Yetta Brean, The

Plays: One Acts

91366 (teens/seniors)

Aviators, The (adults/seniors)

A Chair (20 minutes;  seniors/adults)

Best is Yet to Be, The  (teens/adults/seniors)

Birdwatchers (adults/seniors)

Campers (adults)

From the Back Seat (seniors)

Devil's Due, The (adults)

In the Second Place (adults)

Lamentations of a "Demented" Old Woman     (seniors/ 10 minutes)

Pinch Hitter, The (teens/adults)

Snapshots a one-act revealing pivotal points in a 30-year marriage; winner of the Kernodle one-act prize. 

Children's Plays and Youth Theater

Baba Yaga Acts Up (short participation plays)

Cinderella: Boots, Class, and a Li'l Sass (musical)

Herschel & Happy (short participation plays)

EveryKid (based on Everyman)

Shakespeare After School ( 50-minute Shakespeare composite)

Shakespeare: Playing for Laughs

Moral of the Story

Prince Hedgehog

Selfish Giant, The

Talk, The Musical

Social Issue Plays 
Youth (30 - 45 minutes)

All Dressed Up (sexuality)

Dropout (leaving school)

Everykid (values; based on Everyman)

 I Am the Brother of Dragons (drugs)

Moral of the Story 

Ophelia Lives! (suicide)

Selfish Giant, The   (selfishness/kindness)

Lost and Found  (sexual identification)

Talk, The Musical (the environment)

Three Long Days (peer pressure)

Social Issue Plays
60 - 90 minutes

Group S.O.S(molestation; male and female versions; 50 minutes each)

Enemy of the People   (environment/politics; full-length comedy)

A Cold Day in Hell (1-man show; 50 minutes; assisted suicide)

Senior Citizen Characters
​(One-Acts & Shorts; 15 - 45 minutes)

A Chair (20 minutes)

Attack at the Pierre-Fontaine (30 minues)

Aviators,  The (30 minutes)

Baby, The (30 minutes)

Birdwatchers (20 minutes)

Campers (20 minutes)

From the Back Seat (45 minutes)

Independence Day (3 short shorts)

Old Friends (30 minutes)

Short Shorts for Seniors (collection of shorts; 10 minutes each)

Strangers in the Night (30 minutes)

91366 (20 minutes)

Senior Citizen Characters
45 - 90 Minutes

From the Back Seat  (50 minutes)

A Cold Day in Hell (50 minutes; 1-man show)

ElderPair: 4 Courtship Comedies for Seniors (4 shorts for seniors)

Friends & Relations (3 one-acts; 20 minutes each)

Unmasking of Yetta Brean, The (full-length)

Musicals/Plays with Music
Adult (full-length)

Hymn to the Chesapeake 

Canterbury Tales  

Feathers in the Wind

Musicals/Plays with Music​
For Kids (30 - 45 minutes)​​​​​​​

Cinderella: Boots, Class and a Li'l Sass

Talk: The Musical

Royal Tea

30 - 60 minutes

A Cold Day in Hell

Behind Closed Doors (book)

Bertha Doesn't Live Here Anymore  (30 minutes)

Mirror in Time (book)       

Nat's Last Struggle (60 minutes)

Screwtapes Rewired   (60 minutes)

Sleeping Beauty   (30 minutes)

Biblical or Spiritual 

Spread Your Garment Over Me

For the Least of These 

Monologues for Women from the Bible

Monologues for Men  from the Bible


Fanny & Manny Tie the Knot (wedding with audience participation)

There Was a Stone in my Sisters's Old Shoe Ouch! (Halloween)

A Colonial Christmas (Christmas)

A.N.G.E.L., INC.  (Christmas Nativity)

The Concise Christmas Carol (Christmas)

As We See Him: A Christmas Cantata (features traditional carols and
 original poetry)

Lamb's Tales:  Christmas skits and plays for the young and young at heart.

MonologuesShort-ShortsTales and LegendsPlays With MusicOne-Person Shows
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Plays with Historical or Social Relevance

Best Always, Marilyn Monroe

Enemy of the People

In the Pastures of the Sun (new age comedies)

Oregon Fever (Gold Rush)

She''ll Find her Way Home (1800's)

Dakota Heirlooms  (stories and memories of the early days of South Dakota)

Robert Arthur's Eastern Shore (stories of the watermen and women of the Chesapeake Bay

Monologues for Men from the Bible: Old Testament

Monologues for Men from the Bible:  New Testament

Sniper: Before Columbine


Humans Remain


Plays, Poems, and Pratfalls:Will Shakespeare, An Introduction

Between Trains

From Talk: The Musical
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Plays for Youth

Social Issue Scripts

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Senior Citizen

Plays with Music



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