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Three Comedies for Seniors

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From Cleaning House:

Cleaning House
Marj O'Neill-Butler
© 2016

Billie: Classy older woman, 74
Marcia: Billie's daughter, 50's  
Brad: Billie's friend, 65, Male

PLACE: A sitting area in an expensive home.

Marcia is trying to get her mother, who has recently had a fall, to move into an assisted living complex. Billie, the mother, wants no part of it as she has found a new life. Marcia is in for more than one surprise after Brad enters the scene.


Billie is seated with her arm in a sling. Marcia, who is aggravated, is pacing around the room. 

BILLIE: Will you sit down. I can’t stand you hovering. Hover, hover. I’m fine.

MARCIA: Mom, you fell. You could have broken something.

BILLIE: I didn’t. It’s just a sprain. Knock it off.

MARCIA: I think you need to listen to us.  

BILLIE: I told you, I’m not moving to that place. 
MARCIA: Mom, you could make friends there.

BILLIE: When have you ever seen me with a bunch of women? I don’t like them. Boring. This aches. That aches. Gossip, gossip. Open a book you stupid twit.

MARCIA: Well there are men there too.

BILLIE: If you can call them that. I don’t want to live with old people. They bore me. Walkers. Wheelchairs. Canes. If I get like that, shoot me.

MARCIA: Mom, you are like that. You’re 74 with a sprained shoulder.  

BILLIE: Everything else works. Including my brain. Too bad you didn’t inherit that from me.

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