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ElderPair: Four Senior Courtship Comedies

Forgive and Forget:  
An elderly woman reveals to her forgetful husband what makes forgiving easier.

Perfect for You: In the not-too-distant future, when human-looking robots provide the assistance in “Assisted Living,” the pleasantly out-of-touch Viola makes a play for her Robbie without realizing his true nature. He, of course, resists...until his programmed need to please her proves his undoing. 

The Unveiling: In an attempt to get her husband’s attention, she threatens to enter the convent. he doesn’t take her seriously and ridicules her admiration for the nuns who live across the street and their caring and affection for one another. Seductively, she reminds him of their early romantic moments—until his fear of not being able to deliver “what comes after” gets the better of him. 

Working It Out: What makes us fall in love? Pheromones or fate? The Greeks would have it both ways—if you believe your Homer… and your Sophocles. But that was ago. Today? Well…the gods of the gym might say: blame it on the Greeks! It’s his turn at the lateral pull-down machine, but she doesn’t want to give it up, so flirts her way into additional time. He resists, but then flirts back. 

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